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……. Why “On the White Line”?

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It’s been a long time since Liam Hughes and Corey Taratuta found themselves reporting to a cubicle every morning. Today, both men are self-employed, semi-vagabonds who have created a life together celebrating creativity, travel and entrepreneurial spirit.

They began blogging in 2006 with the introduction of their Irish travel and Irish-interest podcast at; this effort has landed them in the iTunes Top 100 Travel Podcasts, on BBC Radio, two Irish Blog Award Nominations, a Podcast Awards Best Travel Podcast nomination and an ongoing spot on Lonely Planet’s Ireland webpage. In 2009, they vlogged their way from Milwaukee to Los Angeles and back on the Irish-American Roadtrip, a 40-day journey uncovering wee hints of Ireland in the U.S. and visiting subscribers along the route.

Today, they are documenting the rewards and challenges of living and working across states and continents on their blog at www.onthewhiteline. Here, they share their experiences and insights as independent workers, RV owners, travelers and lovers of life.

Liam: Dish Breaker, Jewelry Maker, Inn Keeper & Jazz Singer
Liam combines his interests in history and art by crafting jewelry from shards of antique and contemporary dishes ( He shares his “hidden Ireland” by hosting and touring guests at his Bed and Breakfast in County Tipperary, Ireland ( And to top things off, he also sings jazz and American standards; his music can be heard at

Corey: Words & Pictures Enthusiast
Corey puts to work his ability to connect what people see with what they comprehend as a freelance writer, graphic designer and new media instructor. His blog entries are listed among Lonely Planet’s “Blogs We Like,” and he works closely with youth and adults to cultivate new creative outlets using technology.

Photo Courtesy of Dina Kashou